Buckingham Palace Gardens

by Anne Perry

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2008 American Library Association

The venerable Queen Victoria remains on the British throne. Her son, the middle-aged Prince of Wales, awaits the time to come for his occupancy of the throne. In the meantime, he fills his days–and nights–with wine, women, and song. One such evening explodes when, the next morning, in a linen closet in Buckingham Palace (the queen, fortunately, nor in residence at the time) is discovered the bloody body of a prostitute who had been part of the previous evening’s entertainment, when the Prince of Wales hosted a gathering of businessmen to discuss a certain engineering project in which he was interested. Called in to quickly and discreetly get to the bottom of the murder is Inspector Pitt (a recurring Perry character), whose strategy includes installing the maid from his own household as an undercover employee in the palace. In a mystery novel, or any novel, with such a setting, it would have been easy for the author to trip over titles and protocol, but Perry has done her homework and does not stumble.–Brad Hooper

Source Citation:Hooper, Brad. “Buckingham Palace Gardens.(Brief article)(Book review).” Booklist 104.12 (Feb 15, 2008): 38(1). General Reference Center Gold. Gale. Arvin A Brown Public. 30 May 2008

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