Of Men and Their Mothers.

By Mameve Medwed.

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2008 American Library Association

Maisie has had it up to here with mothers, even if she is one. Specifically, it is her ex-mother-in-law who drives her berserk. Mother Pollock, doting parent or ranging lunatic-probably both–is controlling, manipulative, and overly possessive of her son (and grandson). Blame it on the pot pies–she sits on top of the Pollock family poultry fortune-and an unyielding sense of competition with other women. But Maisie is over it; in fact, she is happy with her life. Raising 16-year-old Tommy, she even intends to be gracious to his pierced, ragged girlfriend. Her business, Factotum Inc., keeps Maisie busy, and her clients provide amusing side characters, most notably Professor Seamus O’Toole, renowned expert on James Joyce at nearby Harvard. Always try ing to save the world, Maisie hires Darlene, a young mother, out of pity but soon gets sucked into Darlene’s child-custody battle, against-who else?–a trashy mother-in-law. This zany, highly comical page-turner feels churned out at times, but Medwed, author of How Elizabeth Browning Saved My Life (2006), is a seasoned and lively storyteller.– Emily Cook

Source Citation:Cook, Emily. “Of Men and Their Mothers.(Brief article)(Book review).” Booklist 104.16 (April 15, 2008): 26(1). General Reference Center Gold. Gale. Arvin A Brown Public. 30 May 2008

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