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Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath

By Michael Paul Mason.

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Tulsa-based brain-injury case manager Mason presents the stories of a dozen clients who have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) with startling candor not just about how their lives and those of their families were altered by the disability but about the scant assistance available on a national scale for TBI victims. The book’s publicity claims readers will come away “astonished at the fragility of the brain.” But who doesn’t already know that? On the other hand, many don’t know that TBI can be caused from either without (an auto accident, a fall) or within (a tumor or even a common virus that many endure with minor symptoms yet that can travel to the brain), changing a life literally in an instant. Additionally, most don’t know how to differentiate between behaviors caused by TBI and those caused by psychosis. Cast against a backdrop of slim resources crying for more aid, the stories are heartbreakingly stark, like so many slaps upside the head, but, coming from a man who too often must deliver bad news, hard to counterpunch.–Donna Chavez

Named Works: Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath (Book) Book reviews

Source Citation:Chavez, Donna. “Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath.(Brief article)(Book review).” Booklist 104.16 (April 15, 2008): 14(1). General Reference Center Gold. Gale. Arvin A Brown Public. 30 May 2008

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