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The Sugar Queen

By Sarah Addison Allen

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2008 American Library Association


As innocently satisfying as a gooey cupcake, as seductively indulgent as a champagne truffle, Allen s delectable follow-up to her sprightly best-selling debut (Garden Spells, 2007) is another tasty trek into a world where things are not quite as they seem. For Josey, life’s disappointments are made more palatable by raiding the larder of candies and cookies secretly stashed within her bedroom closet, while Chloe finds salvation through books that seem to come to her unbidden with just the right advice at just the right moment. But there’s more to life than chocolate and books (really?), and love, in all its first-blush tenderness and second-stage confusion, is a subject Allen explores with exquisite insight and winsome elegance. While Josey pines for the enigmatic Adam, Chloe aches after Jake’s foolish betrayal. Helping the women weather these crises of the heart is Della Lee, a bad girl hiding out from man troubles of her own–in Josey’s closet, along with the Moon-Pies and MilkyWays. Like the most decadently addictive bonbons, once started, Allen’s magically entrancing novel is impossible to put down.–Carol Haggas

Named Works: The Sugar Queen (Book) Book reviews

Source Citation:Haggas, Carol. “The Sugar Queen.(Brief article)(Book review).” Booklist 104.16 (April 15, 2008): 25(1). General Reference Center Gold. Gale. Arvin A Brown Public. 30 May 2008

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Anatomy of Deception

by Lawrence Goldstone

about this book
A mesmerizing forensic thriller that thrusts the reader into the operating rooms, drawing rooms, and back alleys of 1889 Philadelphia, as a young doctor grapples with the principles of scientific process to track a daring killer

In the morgue of a Philadelphia hospital, a group of physicians open a coffin and uncover the corpse of a beautiful young woman. What they see takes their breath away. Within days, one of them strongly suspects that he knows the woman’s identity…and the horrifying events that led to her death. But in this richly atmospheric novel–an ingenious blend of history, suspense and early forensic science–the most compelling chapter is yet to come, as young Ephraim Carroll is plunged into a maze of murder, secrets and unimaginable crimes….

Dr. Ephraim Carroll came to Philadelphia to study with a leading professor, the brilliant William Osler, believing that he would gain the power to save countless lives. As America hurtles toward a new century, medicine is changing rapidly, in part due to the legalization of autopsy–a crime only a few years before. But Carroll and his mentor are at odds over what they glimpsed that morning in the hospital’s Dead House. And when a second mysterious death is determined to have been a ruthless murder, Carroll can feel the darkness gathering around him–and he ignites an investigation of his own.

Soon he is moving between the realm of elite medicine, Philadelphia high society, and a teeming badlands of criminality and sexual depravity along the city’s fetid waterfront. With a wealthy, seductive woman clouding his vision, the controversial artist Thomas Eakins sowing scandal, and the secrets of the nation’s powerful surgeons unraveling around him, Carroll is forced to confront an agonizing moral choice–between exposing a killer, undoing a wrong, and, quite possibly, protecting the future of medicine itself….
about the author

Lawrence Goldstone, with his wife Nancy, is the author of two critically acclaimed narrative histories of science. He has written for the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Miami Herald. He lives in Westport, Connecticut.


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